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How can anyone write music on sinking Titanic? With ice shelfs ahead. To play music on sinking Titanic is the best thing to do, anyway. But not the only one.

Halfhearted EU climate package decisions in December 2008 proof that the old lobby forces are still stronger than the evidence of the species’ interest in major political change. We are still not loud enough to shout up to the captain’s brigde that they’d better watch out where they’re driving that luxurious steamboat. Check this video.

When everyday business keeps us in the machine rooms at the bottom of Titanic, the choir for change can’t be heard. The election of Obama changed the feeling. He seems to stand for migrating benevolent philantropic humans. He’s on the captain’s bridge of one shipwrecked country, but still influential. If he doesn’t succeed, at least he showed us how to get there…

Everybody sooner or later will be forced to find the natural balance of expenses and gains. Convenience isn’t necessarily an acquisition. Why drive when you could walk for half an hour? It’s such a luxurious state for the body to walk for half an hour. We have to reset our values. No other choice. But it’s worth it, anyway. Whoever playfully tried to omit convenience that doesn’t make happy, knows the stunning result: only very selected convenience wants to be sustained from this perspective.

That’s on the “private” side. Climate Policy will be the most decisive realm of politics in the next months and years. Check out this Climate Policy Library with a lot of serious material, instructive links and hopefully some constructive interactive discussion about the priorities of our time.

You can find a report I wrote about Climate Policy in Times of Financial Crisis.

For a collection of climate change links click here or go to the 5th Category to your right.


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