If you think we’re sinking…

… it might be appropriate to dance a last tango on the disproportional Titanic, on the sinking system of unlimited gain. If you think we’re not sinking yet, there are more options.

from: Creatures of Habit, 2004 (headphones suggested)

The violinist could decide to practice just a little bit less for just a few years and help everybody else to disempower the captain’s crew, instead. Afterwards he or she will still be a master, even miraculously play better than before. He may be more determined in posture, stance, attitude and countenance. It’s the fundament of grassroots politics, but it can’t be developped inside the political context. Rather by art.

Music is not sounding wallpaper or simply a mathematical description of time. It’s also about posture in a very physical and direct sense. The body of a music is its statement, consciously or not.

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